There was an old lady who couldn’t forget,
She had a big house and a badminton net,
And children came from miles around
To play on her green grass ground.

Her husband dwelt in heaven on high,
She knew that she’d join him when she’d die,
So half of her heart was with the dead
And sadness was in her head.

And this gentle old lady’s sadness mild
Was wisdom to every little child;
O when she dies, may her death be kind,
For she’s left such a lot behind.
I don’t think she’ll find what she hopes to find,
And she’ll leave such a lot behind.

O children, go looking in other parts,
Although her grieving touched your hearts.
There’s a great wide world of ice and snow
Where love can perish and anger grow,
And the sun can rise up so big and red
It drives all but gratitude out of your head.

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