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Lucy Sullivan has a degree in English Literature from the University of Queensland, read Psychology and Anthropology at Birkbeck College, London University, and has a PhD in Psychology from Macquarie University. In the 1990s she was research assistant in the Perinatal Statistics Unit of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Welfare, and later research fellow in the Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) Taking Children Seriously programme. She has published on medical ethics and on drug policy and epidemiology in leading overseas academic journals, including The British Journal of Sociology, The Journal of Medicine and Law, and The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Her books on social policy in Australia include Rising Crime in Australia (1997), Behavioural Poverty (2000), and Taxing the Family (2001). She now writes regularly on social issues for the Australian political journal News Weekly.

Books currently available are:

False Promises: sixties philosophy against the church

Shakespeare’s Shattered Youth: lameing or elixir

1959: the diary of a young girl

Symbiosis to Parasitism

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falsepromcoverFalse Promises – Sixties philosophy against the church
a sociological memoir enhanced by statistics 1903 – 1993

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small1959 - front1959This diary of a nineteen- year-old student at the University of Queensland gives a vivid picture of student aspirations and values on the cusp of the transformations of the sixties.

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shakespeares-shattered-youth-lucy-sullivanShakespeare’s Shattered Youth: lameing and elixir – A forced marriage at the age of eighteen and three children by the age of twenty do not bode well for a talented young man.

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Symbiosis to Parasitism
Evolution of the Australian Welfare System 1969 – 1999
The last three decades of the 20th century saw huge increases in Welfare spending on Unemployment, Disability and Sole Parent Pensions in pursuit of “social justice”.

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